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Provincial Administration

administrationThis institution is a crucial component of the Chief Secretariat’s office. It is responsible for overall administration of other departments that comes under the Central Provincial Council. It also coordinates and acts as the nerve centre for several activities. Due to the nature of tasks it handles, ranging from legal activities to coordination activities, it faces myriad of complex scenarios to deal with. The branch has learned that these issues can only be handled in a very systematic and scientific approach. Therefore the department is committed to excel and fulfil its duties to the maximum potential and set an example for other branches of similar kind in other Provinces.


To be the best Provincial Administration by 2016


To be the professional centre for Provincial administration by providing better coordination and building excellent rapport with all relevant stakeholders



Equity and Integrity for Provincial Administration





  • Achieving excellence in the delivery of public service through building rapport with the staff members, institutions of the Provincial Councils, Central Government and the other sectors in administrative matters
  • Make effective use of available resources through leadership with a learning environment

Core Functions

  1. Coordination of administrative matters while maintaining a fruitful rapport among the institutes coming under the Provincial Council, Central Government and other stakeholders including Non Government Organizations, International Non Government Organizations and Private Sector Participants
  2. Provision of necessary guidelines and advice on involvement of legal matters and activating other law suits through Provincial Council
  3. Provision of necessary assistance for inquiries and inspections by the Ombudsman, Provincial Public Service Commission, Public Petition Committee, Parliament and Presidential Inquiring Unit
  4. Coordination and involvement of Provincial Public Service on implementation of special programmes and projects



Designation Telephone No
Deputy Chief Secretary (Admin) +94 812 236754/+94 814 953241
Legal officer +94 814 953243
Assistant Secretary +94 814 953242
Administration Officer +94 814 953244
Officer +94 814 953245 / +94 814 953246
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax +94 812239075


Organization Chart

Organization Chart 

Provincial Administration

  1. All establishment affairs of the officers of the Administrative section, and all work related to establishment affairs of the officers of all island service and provincial public service
  2. Work related to Disciplinary Affairs of all officers whose Disciplinary Authority is the Chief Secretary and coordinating Disciplinary Affairs of officers of all island service and other staff grade officers
  3. All work related to purchasing, transferring, maintaining and repairing of vehicles belonging to the chief secretariat.
  4. Issuing permits to import vehicles the concessionary basis
  5. Affairs related to circuit bungalows
  6. Work related to Loans of all the officers attached to the Chief Secretariat
  7. Replying to parliamentary questions
  8. Working on all announcements to be published in Gazettes
  9. Affairs related to cabinet meetings
  10. Submitting all circulars to be implemented in the provincial council to the permission of the Hon. Governor
  11. Affairs related to making payments on OT and leave
  12. Recommend payments for disaster compensation
  13. Affairs related to payments for Language allowances
  14. Issuing of Identity Cards
  15. Affairs related to Chief Minister’s fund
  16. Coordinating all affairs related to construction work
  17. Working on Public petitions and complaints


Legal section

  1. Assisting in law suits of the departments and ministries of the Central provincial council, representing the officers at the court in such instances, requesting for the assistance of the Attorney-General or requesting for the assistance of a private lawyer as required.
  2. Providing law advices for the questions occurring in administrative affairs of the Central provincial council including the ministries and departments.
  3. Assisting in composing charters for the Central Provincial council.
  4. Guiding in preparing Agreements, regulations and legal documents that come under the subject areas of the ministries and departments of the Central provincial council.



Supplier Register 2018

supplier register

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Contact Us

The Chief Secretary of Central Province
Central Provincial Council Complex
Pallekelle, Kundasale
20168, Sri Lanka

மின்-அஞ்சல்:  info@cs.cp.gov.lk    
தொலைபேசி:  +94 814 953289
தொலைநகலி:  +94 812 223418

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