Message from the Chief Secretary

The Central Provincial Council, established under the Provincial Council Act No.42 of 1987 according to the 13th Amendment to the constitution of the Democratic, Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka consists of Kandy, Matale and Nuwaraeliya Districts.

Over 53, 000 officers of 29 Departments and Institutions under the five Provincial Ministries are currently employed at the Provincial Council. Our aim is to provide a people friendly service to the public through a participation enhancing approach.

Our sole expectation is to assist our country on its journey to achieve an advanced and responsible public sector and in this attempt we are continuously following the Hon. President's A Compassionate Maithri Governance, A Stable Country policy.

A method is being arranged promptly to provide prompt solutions to the problems of the public in order to ensure a people friendly public service.  Therefore, all work is planned according to the Provincial Strategic Development Plan. In order to facilitate these programs, new IT Communication strategies are implemented following "A Compassionate Maithri Governance" Vision Plan and a data base is maintained including details of all provincial council officers.

The electronic accounting strategy has enabled maintaining a well organized accounting system within the provincial council. In the near future I hope to establish an electronic personal file system. Also a computer program enabling easy access to information regarding development projects in the province is in progress.

Moreover, the continuous guidance and contribution of the Governor of Central Province, Hon. Niluka Ekanayake, the Chief Minister Hon. Sarath Ekanayake, Hon Members of parliament and of Hon Ministers, for the provincial development and administrative work is highly appreciated.

The Chief Secretary of Central ProvinceMr. Sarath Premawansha
The Chief Secretary of Central Province

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Deputy Secretary (Engineering Services)

Deputy Chief Secretary (Engineering Services)The Deputy Chief Secretary (Engineering Services) office regulates and provides Technical guidance on planning, Managing of constructions, Quality controlling, and maintaining of buildings, roads and irrigation work of provincial development projects.






Providing best in class consultancy and monitoring services towards Engineering designs, Construction Management, through the use of technology

Role and Services

Regulating and providing technical guidance on planning, Managing of constructions, Quality controlling, and maintaining of buildings, roads and irrigation work of provincial development projects.


  1. Monitoring design and construction of work coming under Central   Provincial Council
  2. Enhancement of knowledge on design, estimation, and construction management of technical staff of CPC
  3. Establishment of a website linking 3 Engineering Departments by December 2012 and upgrading for Better Technical information systemම

Contact us

Deputy Chief Secretary (Engineering Services)
Chief Secretariat
Central Provincial Council Complex
Pallekele, Kundesale
Sri Lanka

D.C.S.(Eng.S.) +94 81 223 3725, +94 81 495 3281  Fax :- +94 81 223 3725
Structural Engineer +94 81 380 7415 +94 71 439 5141 Fax :- +94 81 223 3725


Department of Audit

Department of AuditInternal Auditing is an independent assessment of an organization. It includes reviewing, measuring, assessment and reporting to top management. Internal Auditing assists management.

Being responsible for work done by adjusting to the prevailing environment, analytical and investigative skill and Integrity - Unbiased, true and fair
A - Accountability
U - Unbiased
D - Dynamic
I - Integrity & Investigation
T - True & Fair


Investigate, observe and tell the right way


Reporting the matters to be corrected to the top management through quality investigation and observation


      1. Investigating the adherence to the laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures
      2. Evaluating the quality and efficiency of the staff
      3. Investigating whether the internal control systems of all transactions of each institution are functioning properly
      4. Investigating and confirming that suitable security arrangements have been made to protect the assets and properties of each institution under the Central Provincial Council
      5. Confirm the confidence of the financial statement
      6. Informing top management about any inappropriate laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures

Rolls and Services

  1. Looking for the success of preparing and operating of the internal inquiry and administrative system that operates to prevent errors and frauds inside the organization.
  2. Ensuring the credibility of accounts and other reports and search whether accurate information is provided to prepare a correct financial statement through recognized accounting standards.
  3. Assess the quality of performance of the staff in fulfilling given responsibilities.
  4. Inquire how far the assets of the organization is being protected from all kinds of hazards.
  5. Inquire whether the establishment code, provincial financial ordinances, procedures followed by the Governor, treasury and other circulars and advices are being followed.
  6. Inquire the success of the internal administrative system for recognising and preventing wastage and unwanted expenses.
  7. Examine the organisation’s accounting procedure and operations that create some financial expense and see whether the assets and liabilities of the organization are used in an economical and methodical manner.
  8. Carrying out special investigations as required.
  9. Representing the Chief Secretary at provincial funds’ accounting committee meetings and parliamentary state accounting committee meetings.
  10. Reporting the progress and coordinating of audit queries issued by the Auditor-General on various institutions of the provincial council.
  11. Preparing audit programs for the province each financial year, getting the approval of the Chief Secretary, forwarding to the Auditor-General with a copy to the Governor and directing annual audits according to that program.
  12. Preparing a trimester report on audit queries based on Accounts Officers and Chief Accounts Officers and presenting to the Governor with copies to the Auditor-General and Chief Secretary before the next quarter ends.
  13. Introducing new technology, techniques and required knowledge to the staff of Department of provincial audit and district audit offices and organizing training programs continuously.
  14. Coordinating with inter provincial councils on audit affairs.
  15. Presenting suggestions, recommendations, and required guidelines to the Accounts Officers and Chief Accounts Officers of institutions with a weak internal administration.

Contact Us

Kandy Matale Nuwaraeliya
Provincial Audit Department
Central Provincial Council Complex
Matale District Audit Office
Public Library Building
Hulangamuwa Road
Nuwaraeliya District Audit Office            
IRDP Building
Udapussellawa Road
Provincial Audit Director
Tel/Fax: +94 812 233134
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Organization Chart

Internal Audit Organization Chart 





Supplier Register 2018

supplier register

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Early Childhood Development Programme

early childhood development programme

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Design and Build - Construction of Tourism Promotion Centre at Gatambe, Peradeniya


Contact Us

The Chief Secretary of Central Province
Central Provincial Council Complex
Pallekelle, Kundasale
20168, Sri Lanka

மின்-அஞ்சல்:  info@cs.cp.gov.lk    
தொலைபேசி:  +94 814 953289
தொலைநகலி:  +94 812 223418

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