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The Department of Accounts and Payments

The Department of FinanceThe Department of Accounts and Payments is responsible for providing accounting support to the provincial organizations for execution of the provincial budget. It maintains an accounting database by collecting data from all accounting units for generation of statistical information. The department is dedicated to ensure accountability and transparency for public financial management. Furthermore it is responsible for development, maintenance and implementation support of accounting information. The department provides its expertise in describing and interpreting statistics for decision making.




Goals and Tasks

1 Manage provincial funds appropriately

  • Rationalization and monitoring of provincial funds and liabilities to ensure the effective utilization of public finance through transparency and accountability

    • Daily reporting and registering of all provincial financial transactions in order to ensure reporting and monitoring of financial management and operation information
    • Undertaking expenses for sub programs according to the established priorities
    • Planning and implementing an appropriate financial frame for essential services
    • Providing sufficient funds for all the departments
    • Being accordant to the departmental priorities
    • Litigate the presenting of financial statements by departments on time
    • Examining lists to monitor financial statements and audit quarries
    • Communicating with departments in need of assistance
    • Coordinating the inter department equilibrium
    • Implementing programs and tasks aimed at upgrading the departmental efficiency and speed


  • Implement an efficient and effective cash management to finance public expenditure of the financial year through revenues, grants and borrowings

    • Deciding right investment combination and instruments in order to minimise the risk and state expenditure
    • Preparing and implementing a financial management plan
    • Preparing and reviewing financial management strategies
    • Assess the reliability of cash flow projections
    • Allocating money according to the approved departmental requests
    • Ensuring the efficient investing of additional money
    • Identification of tasks relevant to each section/unit and preparation of duty lists for all officers of the department
    • Reforming the Accounts and Payments Department to create a cheerful working environment in order to increase the employee dedication and service efficiency
    • Introduction of a Centralized Banking System in order to identify the daily bank balance and proper management of balance through pre-active monitoring
    • Accurate forecasting of department wise receipts and payments to minimize the cash balance
    • Establishing imprest limits to provincial unit as required and according to the annual budget


  • To have a qualified audit report and limited queries in the next 4 years

    • Carrying out systematic training programs for the staff
    • Examining and reviewing to check the accordance of department reports
    • Monitoring departments that manage their resources according to the provincial financial action plan
    • Examining the quality of records and reports submitted by the departments
    • Preparing accurate financial statements
    • Monitoring and preparing monthly bank reconciliation statements
    • Protecting all the supplementary documents
    • Clear suspended accounts
    • Ensuring accurate payments to the debtors
    • Ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of the employers according to the policy conditions
    • Effectively manage exception report and clearance accounts
    • Holding monthly financial review meetings


2 Be the Centre or Excellence in Provincial Financial Information

  • Develop a Financial Management Information System

    • Improve a computerized financial information system
    • Preparing, maintaining and developing account details in an e- frame in order to facilitate transactions
    • Preparing and implementing an HR  plan with the help of a computerised management information system


  • Financial Management Information for Decision Making

    • Assisting departments to implement accounting usage according to the accounting laws and the national action frame
    • Continuous examining in order to update departmental accounts
    • Describe and analyse financial information to make decisions that help establishing the quality of financial information and timeliness of financial statements
    • Recording  and Publishing of annual financial statements and assisting provincial institutions to implement the provincial budget
    • Providing training opportunities to continuously review the accounting system strategies and advices in order to decide the most acceptable standards
    • Preparing and implementing a systematic records preservation process


  • To provide financial management support to departments, public entities

    • supporting and carrying out the existing financial management information system in the province
    • Reviewing and implementing the new financial management information system
    • Assisting the provincial decision making process by providing financial information
    • Providing a provincial helping cabin in order to provide with active and technical assistancee

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