The Department of Budget

The Department of BudgetThe Department of Budget is responsible for sound and efficient use of provincial financial resources for development. Proper use of financial resources is essential in implementing development strategies.






Goals and Tasks

To promote effective financial resource allocation

    1. To plan and implement a credible budget

      1. Providing sufficient funds for provincial programs
      2. Undertaking training programs on budget implementation instruments
      3. Ensuring the allocation of provisions
      4. Taking actions to prevent expenses
      5. Monitoring and assisting the provincial action plan
      6. Certifying that the budget matches with the provincial priorities
      7. Certifying that all funds have been allocated
      8. Upgrading the monitoring and the quality as required, when the budget is presented by the department
      9. Ensuring the abiding of budget time frames by the departments as ordered by the budgetary cycle process
    2. Efficient Provincial Public Services

      1. Preparing and implementing new tasks in collaboration with other ministers
      2. Doing a collective search on possible effects on the state financial plan
    3. Promote Provincial Council Services that is effective and responsive

      1. Organizing and identifying instances of systematic  expenditure according to the programs
      2. Implementing programs through reviews
    4. Focus provincial expenditure on economic infrastructure, basic provincial public services and in areas which yield lasting returns

      1. Planning provincial businesses and reviewing needs for resource allocation
      2. Providing resources according to priority

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