The Department of Finance

The Department of FinanceThe Department of Finance is responsible for the excellence in Financial Administration, maintain stable Public Finance and Assets Management. Proper use of financial resources is essential in implementing development strategies.






Goals and Tasks

1 Be a centre of excellence in Financial Administration

  • Formation and introduction of financial rules, regulations and guidelines

    • Forming audit and management committees for the monitoring and reviewing process in order to maintain expected levels
    • Preparing, implementing and empowering  financial norms and standards
    • Ensuring productive communication
    • Strengthening audit and management committees for the monitoring and reviewing purposes
    • Preparing and implementing strategies to upgrade the self income allocation and developing administration
    • Preparing monthly revenue reports to prepare budget progress reports
    • Preparing a revenue forecasting frame
    • Encouraging departments to establish special revenue units


  • Formation of strategies for generating revenue in a cost productive manner

    • Revision of business turn over tax, Imposing new tax
    • Preparing and implementing a provincial revenue forecasting frame
    • Establishing special revenue units with staff in relevant provincial departments


  • Supporting Co-Business of the Department

    • Assisting and carrying out existing  provincial financial management systems
    • Planning, reviewing and implementing the new financial management system
    • Assisting the provincial decision making process by providing with financial information


2 Maintain stable Public Finance and Assets Management

  • Develop, review and monitor procedures and system to ensure effective utilization of public assets and finance

    • Establishing a unit for provincial procurement activities
    • Establishing a unit for procurement and advisory services
    • Preparing a provincial supplier data base
    • Assisting the preparation, monitoring and implementation of a collective provincial procurement plan
    • Implementing a strategy to record the non-systematic and futile department expenditure
    • Encouraging the reporting of non-systematic, futile and unauthorised departmental expenditure
    • Coordinating the implementation of recommendations and suggestions provided by the provincial audit committee on departments


  • To provide assistance to the public assets management

    • Preparing new guidelines for systematic management
    • Ensuring  the accordance of existing financial statutes and regulations
    • Maintaining records of department assets according to the relevant statutes and assets management guidelines
    • Upgrading asset records/ advising the departments for accordance
    • Preparing a provincial coordination assets record
    • Identifying all the provincial assets and liabilities
    • Estimating assets and liabilities constitutionally
    • Presenting assets and liabilities as required
    • Recording of all assets and liabilities stocks
    • Identifying and taking actions to dispose unusable and condemned materials


  • To provide assistance to the Public Accounts Committee for the purpose promoting proper financial administration leads to stable public finance

    • Communicating the decisions taken by the provincial accounts committee to the relevant departments
    • Issuing the reformed guidelines and advices taken according to the decisions of the provincial accounts committee
    • Reacting at instances of contradict, usage and review of these guidelines and advices
    • Appointing a committee to identify relevant accounting usages and strategies and to present recommendations
    • Implementing accounting strategies, guidelines and usages according to the changes in the national financial action frame

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